Concentrated biological all-purpose cleaner for all surfaces. Effective against all types of dirt. Non-irritating and non-abrasive. Suitable for daily use. Not suitable for glass. Completely natural, organic and vegan product with health and eco benefits. Completely biodegradable. PH neutral ~ 7.
Ready-to-use bio-active degreaser. Effective against grease stains. Ideal for home, catering and industry. Natural, organic and vegan product. PH neutral ~ 7. Biodegradable with no added chemicals. Laboratory and in situ tested. Non-abrasive and non-irritating.
Concentrated ready-to-use biological cleaner for all sanitary surfaces and appliances. Effective against dirt, grease, stains and odors. Creates a protective layer. Not irritating. Not suitable for glass. 100% natural, organic and vegan product with health and eco benefits. 0% added chemicals, completely biodegradable, non-biocidal. PH neutral ~ 7. Harmless to humans and the environment.
This strong probiotic floor cleaner with a fresh citrus scent is very effective in removing pollution on all types of surfaces, harmless to the surface and works deep into the pores of the material. The profound effect brings your floor back to life and gives it an extra protective layer ...

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