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Green cleaning – latest market trends
The “greenefication” of cleaning does not concern only home cleaning. In fact, the estimated volume of professional cleaning products used in the EU28, Norway and Switzerland is estimated at 590 000 tonnes of product per year, with an estimated value of €886 million. Office cleaning dominates, representing 50% of the turnover.

Main-streaming green cleaning
People are getting more aware about the problem. They first spend eight hours in their offices and then the rest at home. If both the office and home are cleaned with chemicals, that means the human body needs to fight chemicals 24/7. Instead, people are deciding more towards green alternatives and are therefore putting their interest into green cleaning, both for home and official use.
Therefore, EU is suggesting (Commission’s Communication “COM (2008) 400) the implementation of it’s Green Public Procurement policy whereby they advocate the use of less harmful, green cleaners that satisfy current ecological criteria for both indoor and outdoor cleaning of public spaces.

All products of Probiotec® satisfy the most strict requirements for green cleaning and can be used by corporate clients to organize or provide the green cleaning services in the most environment friendly way, with less waste, no chemicals and water.

Local business opportunities
Because of the ever increasing demand for green cleaning solutions, Probiotec® is operating globally with deliveries made to certain national or regional markets using partnerships or distributors.
In some countries we do not have a partner/ distributor yet and would therefore welcome interested parties to contact us at for further details about the distribution / sales possibilities.

Probiotec® partners that already clean green 

The Republic of North Macedonia - Consilium


UNIVIGO, Viktor Kazankov
Str. Internacionalni Brigadi nr. 4
1000 Skopje, North Macedonia
Tel MK +389 703 28 595



ECO Quality Solutions LLC, Gus Pappas
Str. Montaivo lane nr 12577
United States