Bacterial cleaners – Probiotics

How do bacterial cleaners work?

Bacterial cleaners are cleaning products that use non-pathogenic, “good” bacteria to digest organic waste, soils and odors.

These positive bacteria do this through the production of enzymes, specifically created to break down certain molecules (waste / soils) into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces become “food” for the bacteria. The bacteria consume this food or soil and break it down into two natural compounds: carbon dioxide and water.

A bacterium is only 1 to 5 µm (micrometer), equal to 0.001mm. Bacteria can produce over 5000 different enzymes to digest pollution. Due to their living nature, every bacteria we sell, depending on the type of waste, produces several thousand enzymes and tensides. The specific enzymes produced are therefore regenerated if necessary and the contamination is 100% naturally removed.
This is very efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable cleaning.

Thanks to the innovative biotechnology, we developed a wide range of high quality products. We are constantly working on new product developments to offer our customers the best natural alternatives for cleaning.


They are a lot safer for the environment and human health compared to any other chemical or “biodegradable” product.
The microorganisms can penetrate microscopic pores of the material, thereby eliminating polluting soils and odors that traditional chemicals often cannot remove.
The bacteria and enzymes produce a biofilm and can continue to work for up to 80 hours after application and ensure that all negative soils and odors are completely removed.
Through natural competition for food and resources, the non-pathogenic “good” bacteria can help displace the pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria for the benefit of human health and environment.
Regular use strengthens the natural, positive biofilm, making cleaning smoother and improving the living environment.

Probiotec, cleaning with the power of nature!