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We know probiotics mainly from the food industry, where food supplements are enriched with “good bacteria”. These stabilize the intestinal flora and thus promote human health. Well-known examples are the yogurt drinks Yakult or Actimel. Probiotics are now also used in a new generation of cleaning products where we clean with good bacteria, which offers a striking number of benefits.

Often these good bacteria are also used as odor control. Both curative and preventative because odors are often caused by bad micro-organisms. The good bacteria in the cleaning agent remove the organic nutrient medium, which greatly reduces the risk of odors from bad micro-organisms. In practice, odors are less present or disappear completely. In sanitary areas, the use of the bacterial cleaning agents can yield several advantages. In addition to odor control, the means also ensure that joints and other hard-to-reach places are cleaned again.

The bacteriological agents also offer great added value in busy sanitary areas such as schools, stations, airports, hotels and event halls. The bacteria continue to do their work while the cleaner has gone home. This allows you to achieve a better result in the same time and financially, that provides a big plus. With the probiotics you also have to scrub less to get everything clean.

Our probio products are not only environmentally friendly and safe, but even environmentally beneficial. The added bacteria are also used in water purification plants. The organisms therefore also have added value in waste water.

Even oil pollution, algae, toxins and heavy metals can be removed from the soil and water.

This is the power of nature.

ProBiotec® products can be used for a variety of applications, for example:

Automotive (interior / exterior cleaning, maintenance)
Home-garden-kitchen (home use, interior & exterior)
Facility services (supply for professional (cleaning) companies for various applications)
Food (food industry, producers, butchers, fishmongers, fat overlapping, preparation of packaged meals)
Health (clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, wellness centers, beauty centers, hygiene everywhere is a top priority)
Hospitality (hotel, restaurant and catering, bars, restaurants, hotels, residential, school and hospital kitchens)
Institutional (schools, universities, offices, laundries, sports centers, airports, gas stations, gas stations)
Etc …

The ProBiotec® range is 100% natural, designed for sustainable cleaning and improved hygiene with odor removal. Can also be used for biological water treatment or other pollution challenges

ProBiotec® products can only be purchased through our webshop, professionally or privately.

Depending on the situation, the temperature and humidity up to 3 days or more.
When the product is often used, the positive biofilm becomes stronger, which increases protection. Cleaning itself is also easier.

ProBiotec® products can be stored for up to 24 months in optimal conditions.
Shelf life depends of temperature, temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight or UV.
Keep away from heat sources, store in dry conditions without direct sunlight
at 10-15 ° C.

Yes and no, there is no total immediate elimination effect on negative bacteria, but in the medium term Harmful bacteria are prevented by removing their culture medium along with the contamination. For example, bad pathogenic bacteria are removed and the probiotics create a biofilm of good bacteria that continues to provide protection against pathogens, viruses and allergens. In time these bad bacteria are totally gone.

High bacterial population has no negative effects. Rinse well with water if it happens.

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