The power of Probiotec

Why do bacteria become resistant or insensitive to chemical cleaning agents?

It has been believed for years that the best way to clean is to disinfect surfaces. When all bacteria have disappeared, the surface is completely clean. This was the idea for years.

After years of research, it has been discovered that bacteria are not only negative, but also have very positive influences. For years, antibiotics were abused.

Today, bacteria are treated differently. In recent years, the bacterium has been able to develop into a super bacterium that is completely resistant to disinfectant. These bacteria became more aggressive because they were made aggressive by disinfectant. That aggression is actually a normal way of reacting that bacteria. Every life form defends itself against attacks, this is how this super bacterium was created. Not a good solution, therefore, to clean with chemistry.

Positive and negative bacteria?

A major drawback of chemical cleaners is that they cannot distinguish between positive (good) and negative (bad) bacteria. This also kills the bacteria that our body needs to build up our resistance. These negative bacteria feel attacked and will defend themselves by chemical cleaners. If one continues to attack these bacteria with aggressive cleaners, they will make themselves resistant. As a result, these cleaners no longer work in the long term and bacteria have free rein to multiply.

The truth about disinfection!

There is a protective biofilm on every surface that is contaminated. These are bacteria that are held together by a compound of a homemade sugar polymer glue and protein. So this is a layer that the bacteria have developed themselves to protect against attacks. Chemical cleaners cannot completely break down this biofilm, so that negative bacteria remain in that biofilm. Enzymes can break down this biofilm. Chemical cleaners will only clean above the biofilm and the bacteria under the biofilm will make a new layer and are even better protected. As a result, there is actually only superficial cleaning and these negative bacteria remain.

What are positive bacteria?

We encounter positive bacteria in nature and help build up the resistance of humans and animals. Many positive foods already contain these positive bacteria, such as yogurt and cheese. Positive bacteria do not kill negative bacteria. They are more likely to restore the balance, which drastically reduces the chance of infections by negative bacteria! Because negative bacteria are not attacked but flooded by a larger population of positive bacteria, bad bacteria will stop multiplying themselves.

A natural survival phenomenon that occurs when smaller populations face an uneven struggle for nutrition. There is not enough food for their offspring. This reduces the negative bacteria to a population that is not harmful to humans. They are not attacked and therefore do not become aggressive. Not aggressive therefore means no resistance or risks of diseases. The power of nature !!

What are the benefits of cleaning with good bacteria or probiotics?


By using our probiotic products people can remove a very wide range of allergens. They remove the cause of allergy on the surfaces, such as the excrement of the dust mite. Probiotics feed on the excrement of this dust mite, removing the allergens from mattresses and bed linen.

Deep cleaning

Probiotic products clean on 3 levels

– Everything is cleaned above the biofilm

– Thanks to the production of enzymes, the biofilm is broken down

– The probiotics also remove dirt and negative bacteria under the biofilm

What is a biofilm?

The biofilm is a dark protective layer of negative bacteria that defend themselves against attacks by chemical cleaners. The biofilm therefore also looks dirty, just look at the darkened joints between tiles. This also includes the risk of infections. By breaking down this biofilm, it not only looks clean again, but also drastically reduces the risk of infections.

Odor remover?

An unpleasant odor is usually caused by gases from the metabolism of negative bacteria. This can therefore be compared as in humans. Probiotics only produce odorless gases. So by reducing the number of negative bacteria, bad odor is not only removed but also prevented. Chemical odor removers only mask the odor but do not remove it.

Continues to work for days

Our Probiotec products contain stabilized probiotics that will continue to clean if you have been on the couch for a long time. Our bacteria are alive and are constantly looking for food to multiply. The pollution that we cannot observe is food for our bacteria and will thus remove invisible dirt. The bacteria produce enzymes and break down fats and proteins. And this completely harmless to humans, animals or nature.

Just a change of mindset!

You do not need special devices to get started with our Probiotec products. You should be aware that our probiotic cleaners are no match for chemical cleaners. So when you switch to our products, it must suddenly be your entire mindset that changes. You can get started without any other precautions. Even your dishcloth is cleaned every time by the action of our probiotics. What used to be a hearth of bacteria!

Sensitive skin

As a washing power, chemical cleaners have the alkaline or acidic effect of the product. Many people are sensitive to both the skin and the respiratory tract. When using Probiotec products, irritation no longer occurs. These Probiotic cleaners are human and environmentally friendly.