Who are we?

Probiotec is an international company from the Netherlands that introduces the concept of SMART CLEANING by producing purely natural, next-generation organic cleaning products and solutions of highest standards. We utilize top-noch biotechnology know-how and years-long research and development to be able to deliver smart cleaning solutions for homes and industry. We say smart because they not only clean but they also create protective layer to safeguard families and offices from further microbization. Smart because the cleaning cycle uses less water, outputs in clean waste water and price per end-use quantity of product is very competitive.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to minimize the pollution footprint by providing cleaning solutions without added chemistry. The quality of all our products is also in line with the changing national and European legislation and  the increasingly demanding norms and regulations – to clean with products that are no longer based on chemicals as they have negative impact on people and the environment. Our slogan – THE POWER OF NATURE – says it all: our probiotic & bacterial components are taken from the nature, they are positive and at the end, good for the nature.


Our company has a very strict policy for sustainable manufacturing and implementation of the principles of circular economy and industrial ecology: maximum recycling, minimum waste creation, less water, clean manufacturing inputs and positive effect on people and the environment.

100% ecological cleaning products – 100 + benefits

Our probiotic cleaners are 100% environmentally friendly. All fragrance and colours that we use are also of natural origin. All Probiotec ® liquid products are based on Cat.1 EU positive microorganisms / probiotic bacteria and as such are completely safe for the people and the environment – they are bio-degradable, non-pollutant, non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-biocidal, anti-allergenic, non-toxic and safe for use in food-contact environments.

Environment protection

The traditional way of production of cleaning products includes use of chlorine, sodium, various acids and other hazardous components that have long-lasting negative effect on the environment. With our products you can now safely clean on a daily basis in an environmentally-friendly way. Our products are not only harmless to the environment, but also supportive in its regeneration-once they end up in the drains, they have environmentally-healing effect (e.g rise of oxygen level in waste waters). During their use, wearing protective gloves is not needed.

Family protection

Now you can stop using chemical cleaners or disinfectants made of chemical substances that have adverse effects on people – they contain variety of ingredients with heavy-duty chemical, physical and possibly toxicological properties and can lead to irritation of the skin and inhalation tract, hypersensitivity or even sickness in people. On the other hand, our organic cleaning products do not have these adverse effects- they are natural, vegan, completely bio-degradable, anti-allergenic and non-irritant to skin.

The past:

For millions of years people have been living alongside bacteria that actually, also keeps them healthy. Only the bad/pathogenic bacteria make people sick. What is then the best way to combat bad bacteria and what are the best solutions for this?  How ordinary chemical cleaners with anti-bacterial properties work: These products kill (as indicated on some product labels)  ALL bacteria that are present in the environment. That means they imbalance the environment. But within 30 minutes after cleaning, more bad bacteria can be found then before the cleaning! This is the well known repopulation paradox-bad bacteria become easily resistant to the chemical content and they re-populate the surface.

The future / How Probiotec cleaning products work:

When using Probiotec® products, no bacteria (bad or good) are killed. Just the bad/pathogenic bacteria (such as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeru-ginosa, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus , Aspergillus niger etc.) are neutralized and removed from surfaces or skin by means of competitive exclusion whereby large number of good bacteria are reducing and replacing the bad ones (pathogens). We have received conclusive evidence from research done at universities that bad bacteria has disappeared but the tested surfaces were not re-populated by bad bacteria due to the protective layer formed by our cleaning products.